Holding multiple views and being able to operate

This document questions some of my arguments on nature of reality as purported by Quantum Mechanics. I further interrogate my thoughts on whether one can change their circumstances through thought. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill argues that everything begins with a desire. Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 15 million copies in the 70 years since published. BusinessWeek magazine’s Best-Seller List ranked it the sixth best-selling paperback business.

Napoleon takes a reader through principles which leads to riches. He begins with a principle of Desire to the final principle which is Six Sense. Six sense deals with the subconscious mind as a connection with the infinite wisdom of the universe. He further argues that our subconscious, which is in turn tuned into the universe, we get answers to our questions that would otherwise have eluded us. In recent times, there has been many more public speakers on the topic similar to Six Sense.

Recently, I started following Dr Joe Dispenza. He writes and talks extensively on the power of the mind. He uses Quantum Mechanics theories to make his point. Dr Joe Dispenza was interviewed by Tom Biley on – How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind.  He spoke extensively on topics of Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Brain Mapping.  At the centre of his interview is the power of thought. It is the same thinking that Napoleon Hill wrote about 70 years earlier.

It would be difficult to argue against the argument that thoughts are initiated in one’s brain as electrical impulses. We know that the brain is composed of atoms, and atoms follow the laws of quantum mechnics.  Not only thebrain, but entire body has an electric field. Anywhere there’s a nerve cell, there’s electricity. It is evidenced by an electroencephalogram (EEG) that records electrical patterns in brains. Hence, one’s thoughts are formed by some electric field.

It is with this with this appreciation of Quatum Mechnics and Thought that, I hold a view that our thoughts can determine our destiny. A bolder statement is that – We can change our circumstance through thought alone. This argument is at the heart of Quantum Mechanics and proponents of the power of the mind.

The above arguments on thought at a center of my reality contradicts the world I live in. The history of Slavery and Apartheid presents realities that cannot be changed by thought alone. If Dr Joe Dispenza and Napolean Hill to name the few were right. Then collective thought of black people should have gotten us out of being on the receiving end of wrath of the world.

I have Cognitive Dissonance : Feelings of discomfort that result from trusting in thought to shape my universe. However the reality of black people paints a different reality. I however have to live holding these contrasting realities.

Motseki Majake

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Black Theology Of Liberation

Acknowledge that we are black as part of the liberation. We still have to discuss the fact that we are black. Many of the black people are stilm struggling.

Masolilp Molebatsi, We do not accept the struggles of other black in Soweto. Liberation of all social injustice that would be drives by BTL. Theologians should drive the conversation including sexism and homophobia. The church is not vocal on many the issues of south africa. How can the church provide meaningful contribution to the broader community. BLT plans to an audit of what other churches doing to impact the communities.

Reverend Seth Naicker, you cannot touch Black Theology without discussing Steve Biko. Some people see them as appendages of whiteness. Plaatjies died COVID19 but was the leader of women pastors.

Unisa Prof Kobo representative highlighted that black people had a conversation about unthinking the west.

African Bank was started in Soweto with people contributions of R10 to grow it where it is. People are encouraged to open bank accounts. African Bank is looking at an IPO in the next few years. C

Black people are suffering from Coloniality as opposed to Colonization. Coloniality is administration of Colonization when Colonizes are gone. Dr Kgololo posed a question why churches are working independently and staying pourer. Black Theology is being demonized by other people, it is not asked how far can the chirch go on the issues of blackness. The lady asked whether heaveness is also colonised along racial lines. The argument is that church, bible and heaven might not innocent.

It is important to differentiate contextual Theology and Current Theology. Now is the time to liberate the mind. There is a context discussion on ancestry and Theology. The prof argues that there is no church that practice ancestry. There was a Theology that Colonizes used to make black people appreciate that they would have liberation in heaven. Systems are designed to keep people improvished, what is Jesus saying.

Reverend Welcome Methola took a different approach to Black Theoloy of Liberation from Pan Africanist perspective. He quotes the Lords prayer but argues that you can ask for bread without the land.

Dr Joe Mabuela highlights where the church ignored the plight of young people who were raped by Zama Zama’s. The Black Theology of a Liberation needs to bring dignity to Black people. How can Black Theology of Liberation relevant? Black people are marginalized, dying in pit latrines, etc.

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Universe Expansion

How fast is the expansion of space?When you take any object that’s detectable through the science of astronomy, you’re always measuring some form of energy — usually light — that’s either emitted or absorbed by the object in question.

We know that the expanding Universe causes redshifts; we know how two objects moving away from one another causes a redshift. If you want to translate the expansion of the Universe into a speed, that’s what you have to do: ask yourself, “Based on the redshift that I’m measuring due to the fact that space is expanding, how fast, in terms of a relative recession speed between the source and the observer, would things need to be moving to give the same value for a redshift

In reality, these objects aren’t moving through the Universe at that speed at all, but rather the space between bound objects is expanding. It still doesn’t give a definitive answer as we can only perceive the observable universe.

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mRNA Technology : Could it be the magic bullet

mRNA is basically a genetic code that tell the body to make proteins otherwise expensive to make. The technology has been used by laboratories in the fight of COVID19. This include Pfizer, Moderna and Biotech laboratory companies. Moderna is working with AstraZeneca to develop a protein that could help with treatment of heart diseases.

According to the New Scientist, BA.2 which is a variant of Omricon has been spreading. It said to be different from BA.1 with 28 different mutations. It appears that nations that have totally avoided infections are more suspectable to infections from mutated viruses. Fortunately deaths and infections were lower in South Africa.

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James Webb Space Telescope arrived

The James Webb Space Telescope arrived at its destination which is 1.5 million kilometers away from our planet. It’s still few months before it can give a different glimpse of the universe.

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James Webb: Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope

The space telescope is destined to orbit a point in space known as Earth-sun Lagrange point 2 or L2, which is deemed to be balance between earth and sun. It will orbit the sun as opposed to Hubble telescope that orbits the earth.

The James Webb Space Telescope has four key goals:

The costs of launching James Webb is estimated to be around $10 Billion and counting. On the 27th December 2021, The space telescope unfolded what scientists call a gimbaled antenna assembly that carries the high-rate data dish responsible for beaming Webb’s observations of the early universe back to Earth.

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There is context in the song : The case for Stimela By Hugh Masekela

This gallery contains 3 photos.

I stumbled on the Nights Train by Charles van Onselen – Moving Mozambican Miners to and From the Witwatersrand Mines, 1902-1955. It was the people of southern Mozambique, bent double beneath the historical loads of forced labour and slavery, and … Continue reading

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Knowledge of Black Folks

I have been reading Fifty Thinkers who shaped the modern world. My interest is both the history (time) and knowledge being accumulated. Stephen Trombley starts the modern world around the beginning of the 16th Century. Let us assume he was right to start history then.

What concerns me is where was the black folk during the black folks when modern history begun. Some of my friends argues that colinisation is the bedrock of what impacted black folk progress. As I am writting this piece I am wondering how progress can be blamed only on colonization.

Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, was taking huge chance when he argued against creationism. Using time only, the world as we know is 6000 years old as opposed to fossil evidence that shows that the earliers fossil was found 2.7 Billion years ago.

back to the question at hand…where the black fold asking the same questions about form or shape of the world we live in. I recently had a discussion with a colleuage as he argued for “neccessity is the mother of all inventions”. However thinking is neccessary for itsake. I am arguing for knowledge for its own sake.

The question is has the black folk generated new knowledge over the past centuries.

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State of Physical Science Teaching in South Africa. “Case for Einstein’s Physics.”

We, South Africans, needs to find a solution to the deterioration of Mathematics and Science. Our performance at grade 12 has been deteriorating significantly over time. One must look at the amount of investment China and Korea has put into education of mathematics and science. We should find strategies to improve for our country.

I must confess, I struggled with both subjects. My interest to understand nature of reality remains unabated. Classical Physics was my starting point until a new kid on the block, discovery of Quantum Mechanics.  I wondered if whether Department of Education (DBE) is introducing Quantum Mechanics in the curriculum.

I went through Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement of Department of Basic Education (DBE) which is a National Curriculum Statement. It stipulates policy on curriculum and assessment in the schooling sector.

DBE defines Physical Science learning areas as to investigate physical and chemical phenomena. The main areas of knowledge includes Matter and Materials , Chemical Systems , Chemical Change, Mechanics,  Waves, Sound and Light and Electricity and Magnetism. Simply put it is Classical Physics and Chemistry. The are some introduction of building blocks of fundamental concepts of quantum mechanism.  I worry that it is not packaged to prepare learners for the quantum mechanics world. It leaves out a huge part of quantum mechanics as discovered by Einstein in 1905.

Quantum mechanics is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.

  • In 1900, Planck made the assumption that energy was made of individual units, or quanta.
  • In 1905, Albert Einstein theorized that not just the energy, but the radiation itself was quantized in the same manner.
  • In 1924, Louis de Broglie proposed that there is no fundamental difference in the makeup and behavior of energy and matter; on the atomic and subatomic level either may behave as if made of either particles or waves.  

Quantum Mechanics has helped us to understand some of the fundamentals of Physics which were not understood up to the early 1900. If someone were to ask us the daily life or real-life examples of Quantum Physics, most of us would be totally unaware of it.

Things which depend upon Quantum Physics for their operation includes Toaster, Fluorescent Light, Computer & Mobile Phone, Biological Compass, Transistor, Laser, Microscopy,  Global Positioning System (GPS), Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Telecommunication. 

We do not fully know what is happening in the Quantum World.  Physicists predict that this would continue to allude is. We should expect even stranger and more shocking discoveries.

I think DBE should consider updating CAPS…it would inspire new ideas that our country needs.

If you think you understand quantum mechanics the you do not understand quanum mechanics, Neils Bohr, 1962

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Exponential Growth – Spreading of Diseases #COVID19

THE greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.

Exponential growth’s stealth factor is nicely illustrated by the story of the man who invented chaturanga, an Indian precursor to chess. He presented his king with a beautifully laid out board divided into 64 squares and when asked to name his reward, requested a grain of wheat to be placed on the first square, two on the next, four on the third, and so on.

It sounded a modest reward, but had the king obliged across the board, he would have given away more than 18 billion billion grains. Fail to understand exponential growth, and our debts can rapidly spiral out of control too

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