The Concrete Jungle : Empire State of Mind

The history of societies provide a profound perspective of what does it mean to be a successful as a society. In the times of Moshoeshoe and Shaka, life was about surviving the day. Man was only interested in sleeping with a full stomach. This was acheived by hunting in the main. The question is whether the world is the same as it was in the time of Moshoeshoe and Shaka (1850 circa). Have we transcended time and not realised the changes in the environment.

In the Empire State of Mind, Jaz refers to New York as the concrete jungle. My interpretation is that the jungle still exists. However the shape, feel, touch and complexity of the jungle has changed. In a way the man of the 21st Century should concern himself with successful acquisition of resources to feed his family. Hunting and gatheing is still as the center of survival. It is my impression that man of today hasn’t grasped the changes of his environment. Around the turn of the 11th (1000) century, man success was dependant on his ability to hunt and gather food. This is hence the phrais of hunting and gathering. Basotho and African people of Moshoeshoe understood the months in their environment enough to know when to start farming and birth of Impala offsprings. For example, Mphalane (October) was know for the time when Impala bore offsprings. It became the current time of hunting of young Impalas.

As the man of the today, do we understand the jungle in the same light as our forefather did. Have we becomes so weak that the environment is having control over man as opposed to the opposite. It my sense that we are losing the plot.

Going back to my favourite song of 2010\2011 with JayZ and Alicia Keys, New York State of Mind. I think the time is now for the level of consciousness is raised amongst our young kids. They should realize that we are living in the concrete jungle. It is the Empire State of Mind.

I honestly think we should do something about the kind of issues raised as a black nation.

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