Knowledge of Black Folks

I have been reading Fifty Thinkers who shaped the modern world. My interest is both the history (time) and knowledge being accumulated. Stephen Trombley starts the modern world around the beginning of the 16th Century. Let us assume he was right to start history then.

What concerns me is where was the black folk during the black folks when modern history begun. Some of my friends argues that colinisation is the bedrock of what impacted black folk progress. As I am writting this piece I am wondering how progress can be blamed only on colonization.

Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, was taking huge chance when he argued against creationism. Using time only, the world as we know is 6000 years old as opposed to fossil evidence that shows that the earliers fossil was found 2.7 Billion years ago.

back to the question at hand…where the black fold asking the same questions about form or shape of the world we live in. I recently had a discussion with a colleuage as he argued for “neccessity is the mother of all inventions”. However thinking is neccessary for itsake. I am arguing for knowledge for its own sake.

The question is has the black folk generated new knowledge over the past centuries.

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