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Universe Expansion

How fast is the expansion of space?When you take any object that’s detectable through the science of astronomy, you’re always measuring some form of energy — usually light — that’s either emitted or absorbed by the object in question. We … Continue reading

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mRNA Technology : Could it be the magic bullet

mRNA is basically a genetic code that tell the body to make proteins otherwise expensive to make. The technology has been used by laboratories in the fight of COVID19. This include Pfizer, Moderna and Biotech laboratory companies. Moderna is working … Continue reading

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James Webb Space Telescope arrived

The James Webb Space Telescope arrived at its destination which is 1.5 million kilometers away from our planet. It’s still few months before it can give a different glimpse of the universe.

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James Webb: Space Telescope

The space telescope is destined to orbit a point in space known as Earth-sun Lagrange point 2 or L2, which is deemed to be balance between earth and sun. It will orbit the sun as opposed to Hubble telescope that orbits the … Continue reading

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There is context in the song : The case for Stimela By Hugh Masekela

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I stumbled on the Nights Train by Charles van Onselen – Moving Mozambican Miners to and From the Witwatersrand Mines, 1902-1955. It was the people of southern Mozambique, bent double beneath the historical loads of forced labour and slavery, and … Continue reading

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This document questions some of my arguments on nature of reality as purported by Quantum Mechanics. I further interrogate my thoughts on whether one can change their circumstances through thought. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill argues … Continue reading

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Knowledge of Black Folks

I have been reading Fifty Thinkers who shaped the modern world. My interest is both the history (time) and knowledge being accumulated. Stephen Trombley starts the modern world around the beginning of the 16th Century. Let us assume he was … Continue reading

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State of Physical Science Teaching in South Africa. “Case for Einstein’s Physics.”

We, South Africans, needs to find a solution to the deterioration of Mathematics and Science. Our performance at grade 12 has been deteriorating significantly over time. One must look at the amount of investment China and Korea has put into … Continue reading

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Exponential Growth – Spreading of Diseases #COVID19

THE greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. Exponential growth’s stealth factor is nicely illustrated by the story of the man who invented chaturanga, an Indian precursor to chess. He presented his king … Continue reading

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We Came To You : Tribute to Nathi Ngwenya

This is the tribute I wrote for my brother in law, Nathi Ngwenya. The question I asked myself is how do you assess a man’s life. Here it goes. ” For years man never existed, out of nowhere he exists. … Continue reading

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