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I am insurance professional helping clients with mass market solutions.

We Came To You : Tribute to Nathi Ngwenya

This is the tribute I wrote for my brother in law, Nathi Ngwenya. The question I asked myself is how do you assess a man’s life. Here it goes. ” For years man never existed, out of nowhere he exists. … Continue reading

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#150kmsInDecChallenge, Do not negotiate with your brain

  What if we do not negotiate with our brain? Tooseng, 25 December 2017 The brain is a wonderful and least understood part of the human physiology. The base of the brain contains the cerebellum, and it directly connects to … Continue reading

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State of Mathematics and Science : Mdantsane

I recently visited Mdantsane on a program to work with educators on improving the schools Mathematics and Science results. Mdantsane is situated between King Williams Town and East London. It is part of Buffalo city municipality. The original inhabitants of … Continue reading

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My Daughter Discovered – Rising Star

Today marks the day of exciting news in South Africa. Homo Naledi (H.Naledi) discovered in the Rising Star Cave System of the Cradle of Mankind. Scientist discovered the cave around 2013 and have been studying the fossils. I just had … Continue reading

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Diaspora of Basotho

The diaspora of Basotho from Lesotho is never observed.  I was recently in the presence of Basotho from the early 80s from what was then the repressive government. I cannot contrast this with the exodus of South Africans to Lesotho … Continue reading

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Kilimanjaro Life Lessons Learned

Kilimanjaro Life Lessons Nearing 12 months since been on the mountain. I thought I should publish attached. Click Here… Kilimanjaro Lessons Learned Please do enjoy.  

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Reflections on Reality and Existence

I am never certain whether I am dreaming or awake. How can one know whether one live in the Matrix or Zion.  I was in a conversation with a friend about the possibility of reality. She said “Please leave me to live life … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday – Reflections on Evangelism

We observed Easter Sunday like many families during this time. The Priest honed on the topic of evangelism. This is basically means sharing the Gospel of Jesus. The spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. It … Continue reading

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This is a collection of thoughts over days leading and during the climb of the Kilimanjaro. It is interesting that I don’t remember when I started thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro. I suspect over the years I developed bucket list. Something … Continue reading

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State of Maths and Science Education in South Africa: How do we make mathematics and science simple and accessible

The WEF Global Information Technology Report 2013 listed South Africa at number 143 of 144 countries on quality of mathematics and physical science. We are also ranked number 140 on the quality of education system. The implication is that South … Continue reading

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