My Daughter Discovered – Rising Star

Today marks the day of exciting news in South Africa. Homo Naledi (H.Naledi) discovered in the Rising Star Cave System of the Cradle of Mankind. Scientist discovered the cave around 2013 and have been studying the fossils. I just had to point out that my eldest daughters’ name is Naledi. The question on my mind is what does it mean to helping us understanding our existence. How did we get where we are in the evolution of man.

Evolution tree does not help in putting Naledi in the any specific path. I require more time. The estimates are that the cave is about 4 million years old. If I recall Mrs Ples was about 2.5 million years old. It is said that Mrs Ples was part of the Australopithecus and not a hominid. Hominids is a family of primates that includes Gorilla, chimpanzee, and Homo, the human. Fact is that Naledi is on our lineage or evolution tree. Whereas Mrs Ples is not. I might have my facts mixed up.

I suspect that all, I mean all, discoveries of early man is only found in South Africa. I stand correct that you will not find any fossil any where in the world. The question is why Africa. Is this just an evolution coincidence. Why man migrated up north into Europe. Fact is that we are all Africans.

It might be worthwhile to visit cradle of mankind this weekend.

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