We Came To You : Tribute to Nathi Ngwenya

This is the tribute I wrote for my brother in law, Nathi Ngwenya. The question I asked myself is how do you assess a man’s life.

Here it goes.

” For years man never existed, out of nowhere he exists. He enjoys the fruits that life has awarded him. At a point he realises that this must also end. The mind battles with the thought. He has a problem of why it has to end even though he never existed before now. He wonders if it would have been different if he had existed for longer.

Imagine now he is on his deathbed. Standing around his bed are ghost of The Abilities, The Dreams, The Aspiration given to him by life. And he for whatever the reason never acted on those dreams, he never pursued those dreams,  he never wrote that book, he never started that business, he never ran that marathon. They (Ghosts) saying that we came to you for your leadership, your voice, your ideas.

“We came to you”

And he and only he could have give them life, And now they have to die with him forever,

The questions is ‘ If you were die today, What Talents, What Ideas, What Dreams,What abilities will die with you.

“We came To You”

I believe that the ghost around Nathi’s death bed were satisfied with the life Nathi has given them. Nathi did not die with the ghosts.

  • He pursued his dreams of successful family with a wife and three beautiful girls Queen, Unathi and Thina. He made certain that his family went to holiday every year.
  • He pursued his ideas working as an operational manager for a global company landing in Turkey.
  • He has abilities such as learning Sesotho fluently even though he was from Kwazulu Natal.
  • He had great talents qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer.

He was a great men and I think he did not fight when it came to the end. He had given life to ghost that “Came to Him”

“We came To You”

The question is if I was to die today, What Abilities, What Dreams, What Aspiration  will die with me. I want to live my life with the same passion Nathi lived his. 

We came to you, You have given us life

Robala Ka Khotso

Nathi Ngwenya


About Motseki Majake

I am insurance professional helping clients with mass market solutions.
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