Black Theology Of Liberation

Acknowledge that we are black as part of the liberation. We still have to discuss the fact that we are black. Many of the black people are stilm struggling.

Masolilp Molebatsi, We do not accept the struggles of other black in Soweto. Liberation of all social injustice that would be drives by BTL. Theologians should drive the conversation including sexism and homophobia. The church is not vocal on many the issues of south africa. How can the church provide meaningful contribution to the broader community. BLT plans to an audit of what other churches doing to impact the communities.

Reverend Seth Naicker, you cannot touch Black Theology without discussing Steve Biko. Some people see them as appendages of whiteness. Plaatjies died COVID19 but was the leader of women pastors.

Unisa Prof Kobo representative highlighted that black people had a conversation about unthinking the west.

African Bank was started in Soweto with people contributions of R10 to grow it where it is. People are encouraged to open bank accounts. African Bank is looking at an IPO in the next few years. C

Black people are suffering from Coloniality as opposed to Colonization. Coloniality is administration of Colonization when Colonizes are gone. Dr Kgololo posed a question why churches are working independently and staying pourer. Black Theology is being demonized by other people, it is not asked how far can the chirch go on the issues of blackness. The lady asked whether heaveness is also colonised along racial lines. The argument is that church, bible and heaven might not innocent.

It is important to differentiate contextual Theology and Current Theology. Now is the time to liberate the mind. There is a context discussion on ancestry and Theology. The prof argues that there is no church that practice ancestry. There was a Theology that Colonizes used to make black people appreciate that they would have liberation in heaven. Systems are designed to keep people improvished, what is Jesus saying.

Reverend Welcome Methola took a different approach to Black Theoloy of Liberation from Pan Africanist perspective. He quotes the Lords prayer but argues that you can ask for bread without the land.

Dr Joe Mabuela highlights where the church ignored the plight of young people who were raped by Zama Zama’s. The Black Theology of a Liberation needs to bring dignity to Black people. How can Black Theology of Liberation relevant? Black people are marginalized, dying in pit latrines, etc.

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